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Established in 1987, Obeid Law Firm (OLF) is a full service international law firm operating across the MENA region from its headquarters in Beirut. OLF enjoys widespread recognition as a leader in its field among local and international legal practitioners. 

At OLF we share the vision of becoming the gateway  to MENA. We pride ourselves on combining international best practice with in-depth local knowledge. We value and work hard to uphold our reputation for consistently providing unmatched legal services to our clients throughout Arabic-speaking countries in the region and beyond.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)
News & Events
Business Continuity Measures: Beirut Explosion
August 5 , 2020

Yesterday’s deadly explosion sent shock waves across Beirut, killing over a 100 people, wounding thousands, and wrecking our capital city.  Our Beirut office has been damaged by the blast, but we are glad to report that all members of Obeid Law Firm are safe. 

Eurobonds March 2020: Payment or Default?
March 6 , 2020

The ten-year US $1.2 billion Eurobonds with a coupon rate of 6.375% are due to mature on 9 March 2020, amidst an unprecedented economic and financial downturn in Lebanon, and a forthcoming debt crisis.

The prospect of Lebanon defaulting on its payment obligations raises significant legal implications to both local and international investors.

Anti-corruption in light of economic crisis & COVID-19 pandemic in Lebanon
COVID-19: impact on contractual obligations
Employer-employee relationships amid COVID-19 pandemic
Dispute Resolution: Tier 1, Number 1 Firm in Lebanon

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